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Paige is Set to Blow in 2018

Following hot on the heels of his recent debut EP, “Everywhere”, Long Island DJ/Producer Paige is back with a couple of banging singles alongside vocalist Matt Patterson.

Landing in my inbox so often that it’s hard to keep up, Paige is showing no sign of letting up in 2018.  With his signature sound blurring the lines between Deep House, Pop and Tropical House, Paige has seemed to find the perfect partner in Armada Deep.  His two new singles, “Why”, and “What I Want”, are beautiful additions to his growing catalog.

On, “What I Want”, Matt Patterson delivers fresh R&B inspired vocals for Paige to build around in prime fashion.  The low key verses quickly turn up into catchy ass drops with a little help from a synth lead that will get drilled into your head.

On, “Why”, which may be my overall favorite of his recent releases, Matt Patterson once again delivers a stellar vocal performance while Paige takes this a bit deeper while still delivering a totally commercial release. 

While Paige may be picking up the steam a bit here, he has been at it for a minute with bomb ass releases and headlining DJ performances.  If he isn’t on your radar, you better get your shit together.

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