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Paige Launches New Label LUSH SUNDAY [INTERVIEW]

While today he may be known as a mainstay in the dance music world as a chart-topping artist, highly sought after DJ and world renowned producer, Paige's new home in Tulum is a world away from where it all began. Having first met Paige back in 2014, we initially crossed paths when his single (I'm going to do him a favor and NOT share that track here with you - it means more to me as an inside joke at this point) landed in the demo email of a label I was working at at the time. While, as you can imagine, his sound, skill and network have all grown substantially since then, I have been a fan and friend ever since. With just one listen as a young, music loving A&R ready to take on the biz, I was positive that Paige was bound for big things. Despite the man-bun and Long Island address he was repping at the time, he had something... something special.

Over the years, Paige has kept his eyes on the prize and has continued to push, refine, develop and hustle his way through the industry; an industry that claims more victims and crushes more dreams than any other. With a clear ability to create tunes that light up dance floors from Tulum to Ibiza, his production prowess is only one piece of the puzzle. Countless hours/days/years locked in behind the decks and in front of a DAW have assured that Paige was an artist that was willing to do what it takes to make his way to the top. Now, recognized around the world for his music and live sets, anyone that knows Paige will tell you - he always brings the vibe. When he is not on the road, performing alongside some of the biggest names in the game on some of the most renowned stages in the world, you can usually find Paige locked in, working on his craft, meditating, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and playing his part to contribute to society and brighten days no matter when he rests his head.

Now based in Tulum, having traded in his Long Island crew necks and boat shoes for flip flops and shirts that you can usually see through (it's hot in Mexico I guess), Paige has never felt more at home; and if you have been tuned in lately, it is easy to hear the peace of mind pouring out of every new release. With releases on some of the biggest dance labels in the world, millions and millions of streams, a devoted fanbase and access to some of the most legendary artists in the world, Paige has more than proven himself as an artist, producer, remixer and DJ, but trust me.... he is just getting started.

While many people who have achieved the level of success that Paige has at this point may be ready to revel in the glory and feel content kicking their feet up on a beach in Mexico eating avocados and taking hallucinogens, Paige is ready to kick things up yet another notch with the launch of his new label Lush Sunday Records. Aiming to curate an unmatched vibe, build a catalog that will stand the test of time and help the next generation of artists follow their dreams, Paige's latest endeavor may be his most important and game changing venture to date. When asked about the new label, Paige promises, "the label serves as an outlet for collaboration and a platform for talented artists to express themselves." This past Friday, Lush Sunday launched with an absolute stunner from the label boss himself. In collaboration with vocalist Biishop, "Young Lover," is OUT NOW and serves as the perfect introduction to the labels sound and stands as the first of (what I can guarantee) will be a never-ending string of standout releases from the newest and hottest indie label in the game.

"Young Lover," is a sublime, ethereal, mood-boosting single that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. With the exceptionally talented Biishop delivering a haunting and mesmerizing performance, Paige crafts a melodic and organic production that perfectly sets the tone and is sure to captivate fans around the world. If you like Rampa, WhoMadeWho, and Monkey Safari, make sure you give this one a go - it is right up your alley. From the first note, "Young Lover," envelops the senses with its warm, rhythmic energy, instantly immersing listeners in a state of euphoria. The seamless fusion of Paige's production style with Biishop's emotive vocals creates a musical synergy that elevates the track to new heights, resulting in a sonic journey that captures the essence of youthful passion and longing. The track's ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics reflect Paige's dedication to not only making people dance but also creating art that vibrates with positive energy. About the single, Paige says, "My most inspired moments are when I’m immersed in nature, disconnected from the mainstream simulation, and filling my cup via inner-work and spiritual practices. ‘Young Lover’ is a direct result of that — it’s overflowing with love, warmth, rhythm and organic vibes that leave us feeling whole.

Having gone off in his sets over the weekend and already charting on Beatport, this release is a shining example of Paige's creative flow and further proves that he is onto something big with Lush Sunday. As he embarks on a North American tour with United Talent Agency and introduces his new radio show, "PORTAL," the momentum behind, "Young Lover," is set to grow. Keep scrolling and check out our interview to get a bit more info on the new single and label!



Paige: My wife and I have ritualized Sundays for: fun, nature, love, healing, adventure, etc. Giving yourself a full day each week to rest and prioritize yourself is so important. Our Sundays are always LUSH with beautiful nature, delicious food, abundant sunshine, lots of laughing, and plenty of healing and recovery.

RDFO: How does it feel to be launching your very own LUSH SUNDAY record label and what overall are you hoping to curate and accomplish with it?

Paige: Owning a label has always been a dream of mine. Having a creative outlet to release what I think is magic, and providing a platform for others is one of the best feelings on earth. My goal is to build community through music, highlight incredible talent, and share art that is positive for the world.

RDFO: What kind of sound/genres will LUSH SUNDAY be pushing?

Paige: Genre wise you would call it: Melodic House & Techno, on the deeper side, infused with organic and cultural influences.

Keywords and emotions: Sexy, warm, fun, inviting, vibey.

Visual: Half-naked, dancing on the beach with beautiful people, during sunset.

RDFO: What other initiatives do you have hopes/plans to roll out the label? Events? Live streams? Mix series? Merch?

Paige: Short term goal is to build a catalogue of music that is releasing absolute gems, from absolute gems of humans. Quality always over quantity. Long term goals are mix series, Sunday parties, high vibrational merchandise including: clothing, accessories, home goods, and even wellness retreats. The plan is BIG.

RDFO: When the label is rolling, do you still plan to release Paige tracks with other partners or will they strictly go out on LUSH SUNDAY?

Paige: Music is collaboration. It’s not about “me”, its about “us”. I’ll always release music with labels I love and respect. I’ve made some lifelong friends that way, and have gained the dopest fans by tapping into label and artists audiences. My intention is to make music, with cool people, and keep people dancing.

RDFO: What will be your approach when it comes to finding artists/singles to sign to LUSH SUNDAY? Where do you plan on finding them? Are there certain metrics an artist needs to meet before you’ll consider them? What qualities will you be looking for in an artist or song that comes your way?


Great track.

Great human.

The rest is noise.

RDFO: How many releases are you planning on dropping each year?

Paige: I keep coming back to this question in my head, but always come out with a different answer. Right now I’ll do the first three releases myself (one per month) and each one is a collaboration with a vocalist I admire. By 2024, I’ll have more artists on the label. Maybe singles, maybe EPs. Maybe we’ll work up to bi-weekly releases? Depends on how much dope music comes in!

RDFO: What do you think it will be about LUSH SUNDAY that will make people want to tap in? What are you hoping to do that will help you stand out?

Paige: Authenticity and love. Those two key elements not only make us better humans, but make our experience on Earth better. Releasing great music from great artists with pure intentions will shine through all that is: cookie cutter caca.

RDFO: What inspired your move to Tulum and how has your new home impacted your artistry?

Paige: My wife and I came here eight years ago, seeking a more adventurous vacation. We fell in love with the place, and it kept pulling us back every year. November 2020 we came for a month and never left. It’s been home ever since, and I don’t know when/if that will ever fade. It’s impacted me as a human, which creates a better artist. I feel the better you become at this human existence, the better you become at whatever you do in life. Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. Love yourself and life will love you back.

RDFO: What are some of your outlets for staying grounded, healthy and thriving in the music business?

Paige: Being on the road is extremely hard, and extremely difficult to keep a solid routine. When home, I prioritize my health and wellness. I wake up early, get sunlight, lots of water, meditation, exercise. Journaling, yoga, healthy food, lots of time in nature, 8 hours of sleep every night. Intentionally spend time and make memories with loved ones. I believe the more whole you feel before touring, or before sending demos, or before releasing music… the better you show up for your fans and your art. I have to be my best self, so I can deliver for everyone else.

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