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PAWL Continues to Shine with ‘Stranger’

21 year old Swedish producer PAWL is no stranger to RockDafuqOut – in fact almost anytime I find a track from him in our inbox, I can almost guarantee it is going to hit.

Though his career is really just getting started, he has had some pretty major success already – racking up 3M plays on Spotify alone, getting praise from The Chainsmokers and playing at some of Europe’s biggest festivals.  His signature sound is a blend of Pop overtones with a danceable backbeat and some beautiful melodies.

Looking to reach even more people with his music, his latest offering, “Stranger”, leans even more commercial Pop than his usual releases with an added emphasis on vocals and lyrics.  The new tune relies on some Afro-centric vocal melodies, enchanting whistles and a clean and dynamic production to tie it all together. 

Lyrically the new tune is about a person who’s physically in a relationship, but who mentally just isn’t there.  Pawl states, “I wanted to portray the one who doesn’t seem to care and who doesn’t invest enough time in a relationship, the one who sometimes almost seems like a stranger sometimes. A stranger in your bed. The song is also about that feeling of enough being enough, and about rather putting an end to it all, than continuing like it is.  I hope ‘Stranger’ conveys that you should value relationships highly and that the song functions as a reminder to be grateful for the good ones.

With some incredible releases under his belt already and his ability to adapt and conquer whatever genre he wants to dive into, I have no doubt Pawl will be turning out tunes for some time to come.  This is just yet another jam that I’ll be in rotation in my playlists for some time.

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