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pennyweather Keeps the Hits Coming to Close out 2020

Hailing from Brisbane, newcomer pennyweather has spent the better part of 2020 launching his solo project and building his catalog. Having only released his debut earlier this year, pennyweather has made sure to keep the hits coming and is showing no sign of letting up.

With the end of the year fast approaching, pennyweather has made sure to keep fans entertained with impressive productions, well written lyrics and undeniable vibes. In the last month or so, the buzz-worthy artist has released not one, but two tracks the help to cement him as an artist to watch. Finding an interesting blend between commercial appeal and indie flare, pennyweather seems to be carving a lane of his own one track at a time.

To date, his single, “Coming of the Storm“, featuring Daisy Darko has been his biggest success. Quickly racking up streams from aaround the world, the fresh collaboration relies on a moody yet energetic performance from Daisy, as he crafts a bouncy, dark and minimal production laden with heavy keys, ominous guitar melodies and slapping drums. The haunting tune may seem like a bop on the outside, but pennyweather assures us there is more to it. About the release he says, “This is a song about a girl in a relationship that is no good for her. Its about what she thinks, how things are, and what she feels. Her partners very presence is a thundercloud waiting to explode. But theres also hope… it didnt make sense for me to write a track like this, about this, without hope. So the very last line of the track kind of turns everything on its head!

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