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With hilarious derision, the music video for Picture This‘s latest single, LA House Party, is a well conceived and well executed take on the well-known functions and gatherings that take place in the hills of California, as described by the titular track. In the video, the boys of Picture This; Pop/Rock band mates Ryan Hennessy, Jimmy Rainsford, Owen Cardiff and Cliff Deane, hailing from Ireland, are seemingly playing a gig at a house party in LA as lead singer Ryan also plays a guest at the party. Ryan‘s character walks around in disbelief as he meets and shakes hands with other party go-ers, aptly portrayed by a smattering of eerily similar mannequins. In the cut scenes where Picture This is playing at the party, Ryan wears an over-the-top “trend setting” outfit, while he is seemingly disinterested by the party he is performing for, much the way most people at the party are disinterested in each-other.

Picture This, perfectly capture the humor in all of this contradictory behavior with smart, witty, lyrics and quips throughout the song, as well as visually, within the video. Ironically, as the bands traction sky–rockets, their newest song is about not becoming like the out-of-touch clones that stardom and the pop-culture produce. This shows sophistication in the bands members, writing, and music a well as a self-awareness that is rare, amongst people of their popularity level. “I don’t wanna live like all these people here” is the gist of the lyrics you can take away from this song. Although, it is clearly mocking the culture, to spite it’s biting lyrics, I can guarantee this track will be played at countless LA House Party-s, this summer. With an upbeat melody and fun tones, the song is simply put, a great summer jam!

Picture This is certainly doing their thing out in the world since 2017, with their debut self titled album, amassing nearly 300 million total streams, selling out stadiums, and inspiring praise from Billboard, ThisSongIsSick, and many more. In Ireland, the album went triple-platinum and topped charts overall for four weeks plus topping the streaming charts for a total of seven weeks. Recently, in 2021, the band partnered with the like of Joe Jonas and his new label Let’s Get It Records. They also made their U.S. late night television debut, performing new single “Things Are Different” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

It’s pretty obvious that the band is only getting started and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and hopefully, they don’t!

Listen to more music from Picture This, here:

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