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PILOT Flips Conversing With Oceans Single ‘Action (Part 3)’

Gotta love when people from your city are putting it down.  Representing the Bronx, Conversing With Oceans has found some major success bringing introspective lyrics and beautiful melodies to the forefront of their growing catalog of moody, Ambient Rock releases.

Along with Chris Ragone, Danny Castro & John Endico, brainchild of the project Alex Bondarev has spent his life playing, studying and creating music.  Originally born in Grozny, formerly of Russia, Alex and his family immigrated first to India, and then to the Bronx to escape unrest and war.  Finding solace in music, he began to learn to play instruments, quickly leading to the creation of his first original songs.

His first band, A Moments Worth, gave Alex his first taste of success, landing on the front page news of New York Press, and winning the first College Battle of the Bands (alumni include Mike Posner & Local Natives).  Now as front man of Conversing With Oceans and signing on for distribution through The Orchard (Sony), Alex is hard at work, continuing to craft dreamy, hopeful releases and growing his fan base by performing at some of the best venues in NYC.

With one of their recent singles, “Action (part 3)”, CWO saw their release quickly climbing the HypeM charts.  To add to the releases stature and longevity,  they recruited Australian producer PILOT, to flip the tune – and that’s what brings up here today.

Finding a way to maintain the best bits of the original and yet bring his own flavor, PILOT, takes the emotive vocals from the original and brings a fresh, glitchy, danceable approach to the track.  Low key verses supported by muted synths and minimal drums quickly build up with the help of some melodramatic keys into a vibrant and hard hitting drop laden with Future Bass inspired synths.

The release, while dynamic, makes sure not to be too abrasive, letting the vibe take hold and the emotion to connect.  The perfect amount of bounce to help you escape from the otherwise dreamy and enchanting vocals.  Do yourself a favor and make sure you check out some more Conversing With Oceans below.

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