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Poorchoice, Cam Sanders & Veronica Bravo Team Up for New Jam ‘Say So’

Poorchoice and Cam Sanders have just come together for an absolutely massive tune for summer 19.  Their new collaboration, “Say So”, bring brilliant cross over appeal making sure it works just as well on the airwaves as it does in the club. 

While this new tune marks the first time Cam Sanders and Poorchoice have come together on a track, vocalist Veronica Bravo feels right at home with the new release serving as the third collaboration between her and Poorchoice.  From the get, the chemistry is hard to deny as Veronica delivers a sultry, radio friendly vocal that leads the way from beginning to end and gives the two producers to craft something magical to work around. 

Muted verses quickly build into an energetic, grooving, bubbling drop that kicks the tune up a notch and sets this one up as a must have for any DJ with gigs lined up through the end of summer.  Do yourself a favor and add this to your bins. 

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