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[PREMIERE] Gabe James Shares Latest Gem ‘Suddenly’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from Colorado, Gabe James is a fresh face on the indie scene. Having been in love with music nearly his whole life, it wasn’t until his teenage years that he put pen to paper and started to turn heads at home. Pulling from a wide range of inspiration including Rock, Pop, Punk and singer/songwriter‘s past, Gabe James is dead set on developing a sound of his own to share with the world – and he is just getting started. While his catalog may be tiny, his sound is mighty.

Since releasing his debut single in 2018, the track has since racked up nearly 2M streams on Spotify and has helped to set the tone for his future solo endeavors. Since then, he has been hard at work and is now ready to release a string of EP’s that the world will without a doubt take notice of. Having released his first single of 2021, “Thought of a Feeling“, just a short time ago, he is now back with his latest gem, “Suddenly“, and I was instantly hooked on the first listen.

While we are honored to take the premiere on this one for Gabe James, we can’t help but feel the best is yet to come. With big plans for this year, “Suddenly” is the perfect first look at an artist that we have no doubt you will be hearing a lot more from. Beautifully written, Gabe James delivers an emotive, undeniable performance over a clean and minimal guitar driven production. Heartfelt and relatable in every way, his latest single is a chill and somber love song that not only perfectly displays his impressive vocals and lyrics, but also his uncanny ability to write earworm melodies and craft a song flawlessly from top to bottom.

About the song he says, “This was one of the first songs I wrote in the house I lived at in Morrison, Colorado. I wrote it about the typical texting game you play with your crush in high school, where you purposely take forever to respond to their message or just spend wayyy too much time overthinking what you’re going to send them. In high school I felt like the over obsessive simpy kid who always responded fast and got anxious when they didn’t respond back quickly. We shot the music video in Boulder (this epic college town) and Morrison, my hometown, so it features a lot of places I visited frequently growing up.”

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