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Professor Green Digs Deep on ‘Photographs’

While multi-platinum selling battle rapper turned Mc, Professor Green may have not yet broken into the US, he has had an incredibly long and fruitful career thus far.  To date he has released two Top 3 albums and seen over 3.5 million combined sales in the UK alone.  Additionally he has presented six critically acclaimed documentaries (for the BBC and Channel 4), published his autobiography, ‘Lucky’, continues his ongoing work as Patron of anti-suicide charity CALM, and, most recently, becoming a regular columnist for newly launched men’s title, The Book of Man.  To keep is simple – Professor Green has been pretty much unstoppable since he started.  

While the world spins as it always has and always will, we often don’t take the time to appreciate the moment.  While life goes on, we often see ourselves looking back and wishing we had taken the time to drink it all in.  When memories fade, sometimes pictures are all we have left.  Reflecting on the new single, Professor Green says, “Photographs conjures up so many different emotions.  The ones I miss the most are the ones [photographs] I never took. They are for me, in many ways, the memories I don’t have – especially the ones from my childhood. I wish I had more.

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