• Nicholas Zallo

Project North Drop Debut ‘Think Twice’ with Darrick Atwater & Ja-P

The Netherlands have some new heat coming in the form of Project NorthJosh Brust and Jeroen Dekker, formerly known as DAMSTERAM & JRND have recently released their debut single, “Think Twice”, under the new project (Project North) and it is an intriguing and hard-hitting Electronic jam that has some major cross over appeal.  

The new tune brings R&B & Hip Hop vocals from Darrick Atwater and Ja-P, Electronic synth work, Middle Eastern leads, classic whirling keys, huge hits, Latin percussion and Trap drops into what I can only describe as a super cool tune – unlike nearly everything else.  The dynamic track makes sure to allow space for the vocals to breathe before coming into the massive drop that is as interesting as it is hard.

If this is only the first single from Project North,  I’m excited to hear what’s up next!

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