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Quinn Lewis Stuns with ‘Slipping’

Quinn Lewis, the Australian Pop artist currently spending his days in Nashville has just released his latest tune, “Slipping.”

Pulling inspiration from the works of Chet Faker, Kevin Garrett and Majid Jordan (to name a few), Quinn finds his stride on soulful Electro Pop tunes that evoke emotion and emulate vibes. 

On, “Slipping,” poignant verses lead into falsetto hooks with the production perfectly adapted to each section, helping every line make the maximum impact.  Vocal samples and pads fill up the background while somber piano lines dictate the mood, until the hook picks up with a fat rounded bass, layered vocals and rhythmic stabs bringing the energy up a notch.

Vocally Quinn is pitch perfect, singing lyrics that are both easy to understand and relatable.  The vocal melodies are dynamic, showing off his range and Pop sensibility.

Overall this is a super solid tune.

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