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GUS began writing his own music at the unripened young age of 13, where he grew-up, just outside of Toronto. Even at such a young age, the artist was honing his creative chops by cutting his teeth alongside other seasoned producers and artists. GUS was working with the likes of Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Nuella Charles, Mathew V), Joel Stouffer the drummer of Dragonette, and Rob Wells (Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Backstreet Boys) to help create and nurture his notable and catchy POP sound.

His newest single LIES, is a perfect embodiment of GUS’s up-beat, infectious sound. Collaborating with producer Steven Moella (Finger Eleven) on the writing of the new single, GUS really finds his stride. Exploring the concept of “the lies we tell ourselves” the track focuses on the lies that people tell themselves and others in order to hide their true feelings. The lyrics of the song deal specifically with the awkward stage between friendship and love when one or both parties are afraid that the feeling is unrequited. “LIES is a confused, desperate, and exciting track. It’s all about revealing the frustrations of keeping your feelings to yourself, and the relief that comes when you and the person that you like can admit that you are more than just friends”. – says GUS of the track.

Although the lyrics are explicitly about two people denying the true nature of their relationship with each other, the song also raises the question… “what other lies are we telling ourselves”? Honestly, how many things are we lying to ourselves about, that we just simply refuse to admit or believe.

It’s clear through his collaborations, POP sensibilities, and radio-ready sound, that GUS is crafting quite a career within the POP music genre.

Listen to more music from GUS, here:

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