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R&B Artist To Watch: Stephn Drops New Single “More” (ft. DNDSECTION)

R&B artist Stephn releases new single “More” (ft. DNDSECTION)

More” is part of a body of work created during the peak of quarantine, when Stephn and a team of collaborators transformed his NY-apartment bedroom into an impromptu recording studio

Weaving together a love of fashion and creative direction, New York-based, Nigeria and DC raised artist Stephn draws on every aspect of his artistry to make music that’s an immersive experience for listeners. Paired with edgy and thoughtfully curated visuals, “More(ft. DNDSECTION) brings to life feelings of vulnerability and intimacy, underpinned by a jazz-infused beat that’s reminiscent of the R&B of yester-year. 

Sharing the sentiment behind the track, Stephn says: “More” taps into a different level of emotion. It is exactly that feeling of tasting something and not being able to have enough and turning that feeling into an emotion toward someone and craving that intimacy and attention. I had to really dig deep into myself to relive my past emotional journey in order to properly arrange this song.”

Overcome with a need to create during the peak of quarantine, Stephn converted his NY-apartment bedroom into a recording studio, dismantling all his furniture in the process and enlisting a roster of talented creatives to collaborate. With the help of his producer Polly and co-writer Ron Jordan, the team collectively transformed an urge for self-expression during a difficult time, into an inspiring, multi-faceted body of work. “More” also delves into Stephn’s long standing love of jazz, paid homage to with horns via instrumentalist MK Zulu. The final touch, a verse came from vocalist DNDSECTION, hand selected for his unique flow and dynamic.

Stephn’s goal in making music is simple, connection with his audience:

“I would love for my listeners to be able to go on the exact same spiritual, emotional and mental journey I did when I created the sounds that I’m putting out. My music serves as an extension of myself and my overall state as a being in this universe. It is imperative to me that my audience is able to visualize this cosmic journey that my mind and body put me through each time when I create so they can tap into the sonics on a deeper level and also enjoy and uplift their spirits.”

More” is the first of a string of singles to be released in the coming months. Stay tuned for new music and visuals soon.

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