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Redlight & Sweetie Irie Bring Flames with ‘Zum Zum’ [VIDEO]

One of the worst things in the world for some music lovers, including myself, is to go to a show and hear the DJ drop a bomb – that you quickly find out isn’t available yet.  While this next tune has been a staple in London based Redlight’s sets for a minute, his fans have yet been able to grab it… until now.

Rounding out a successful 2017, he finished the year dropping, “Zum Zum”, featuring Sweetie Irie.  With the iconic Reggae artist bringing fun, simplistic, catchy vocals to the track, Redlight delivers on the production end, all coming together to deliver a hypnotizing, dance floor filling bomb.

While the production may lack any particular bells and whistles, it is none the less a hard-hitting and memorable track.  Sections of drums and rising synths build up and give way to a driving and captivating bassline that bangs for extended periods of time making sure to keep the listener rocking.

While Redlight prepares his new album for a release early this year, this track should for sure hold you over.  Check it out and dig deeper into his catalog to get even more excited for what may be coming.

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