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Refeci & BeJules Bring the HEAT

While he has been producing for most of his adolescent life, working on commercial projects and producing behind the scenes,  18 year old Danish prodigy Refeci is ready to step into the spotlight.

His newest piece of musical goodness comes in the form of, “Heat“, featuring BeJules.  The cross-over tune incorporates elements from Pop and R&B all worked into a blaring yet beautifully melodic Electronic production.  The use of organic sounding synth sounds helps to break the track up and adds an incredible dynamic.

Everything here is right where it is supposed to be and the vocals from Be Jules really get the chance to shine.  The collaboration is beautifully lush, with new elements coming in and out keeping the listener hooked at every turn.

At just 18, I have no doubt Refeci will be able to make a living off of music with his ability to create stunning, clean, well executed jams – beginning to end.

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