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Rett Madison Soars on Debut Album “Pin-Up Daddy”

Born and raised in a small West Virginia city, Rett Madison has spent years developing her voice and honing in on her sound. Raised on Classic Rock and having found influence from artists including Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Madonna, Cat Stevens, Norah Jones, Sade and the Bee Gees, Rett Madison launched her solo career in 2018 and has been turning heads ever since.

While she has been singing nearly all her life, she further dove into music when she attended Interlochen Arts Academy to study songwriting when she was 16 years old. Having been searching for her voice both musically and personally for some time, it was her time spent at art school that helped her to find the her passion for writing and creating and helped her to secure her identity. With an incredibly powerful and dynamic voice and a god-given knack for writing lyrics, it is not hard to understand why fans have been quick to latch on.

At 24 years old, Rett Madison has proven herself time and time again to be one of the most impressive new voices of her generation. Allowing her voice to lead the way, she bares her soul on everything record she releases, pulling at our emotions with every performance and perfectly delivering the intimate lyrics that she has clearly poured all of her heart into. Having racked up millions of streams to date, while also catching the attention of industry powerhouses like Rolling Stone, Billboard and Earmilk, her recently released debut album, “Pin-Up Daddy“, is a perfectly packaged 10-track epic that takes listeners on a sonic journey, with her stunning vocals leading the charge. “Forging a style centered on her powerful vocals and poignant lyrics, Rett Madison is creating modern country pop that finds its foundations in exploring her queer identity.

Having overcome and persevered, Rett Madison is now poised to make some major waves in the industry, wowing audiences at every step and showing no sign of letting up. If she is not yet on your radar, do yourself a favor and dig into the album – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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