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RINNGS Make a Touching ‘Confession’

London is always a hot bed, but recently there seems to be a major influx of artists to watch on the underground tip – at least this is how it seems to a dude running a music blog in New York.

The latest awe inspiring find, for me, comes in the form of RINNGS.  The London based Alt-Pop duo (Karl Zine and Nai Jannson), who only released their debut single, “Cutting the Cloth”, in 2017, have already found early support from, Spotify, Apple Music, Soho Radio, BBC 1 and BBC Introducing

Building a fast growing fan base is due largely to the groups independent attitude and signature sound.  Building tracks from the ground up, the production for all of their music starts simply with vocals and percussion.  Somehow, time and time again they are able to create lush, head turning releases with little more.

Recently they have unleashed the second cut from their new EP, and it is a sexy and vibey jam.  On, “Confession”, Both artists make sure to lend their silky vocals to the track, developing rich layers of vocals and beautifully crafted harmonies.  The dreamy, transformative tune slowly builds from beginning to end, pulling the listener deep into the world of RINNGS.  

Speaking about the track Karl and Nai said “For this tune we wanted to capture the nervous excitement of telling someone how you feel about them for the first time. That moment of intense connection. The intention of the arrangement is to represent the different sensations of confessing your obsession – the way time seems to slow down, the hyper-awareness of all your senses, the intense focus, the feelings of different chemicals rushing through your body, the light-headedness. And we wanted to do a tune you could slow-dance to of course…

One thing is clear with RINNGS... their originality, production skills and stellar vocal abilities are front and center.  They are for sure an artist to watch… whether you live next door or are a long swim away.

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