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Rising New Zealand Artist, Tarn PK, Releases His Newest Track, "Street Noise."

Tarn PK is an upcoming artist, songwriter, and producer from Wellington, New Zealand. At eighteen years old, he released two EPs and a single: 'Fantasy' (2019), 'Monarch' (2021), and 'Daylight' (2020).

It is no shock that Tarn PK’s incredible musical talent and songwriting abilities landed his song, 'Talk To You', on Spotify's US, UK, and Aus/NZ exclusive music playlist: New Music Fridays. Tarn PK continues to make a mark on the industry with his catchy songs, three of which are currently on multiple Apple and Spotify Editorial playlists in Australia & New Zealand.

“Street Noise” is Tarn PK’s newest single and it’s a dreamy bedroom pop song that possesses the angst and power of an electro-rock song. From violins, acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies, to distorted vocal filters and fuzz from electric guitars, it is clear that Tarn PK’s ability to pierce through different musical soundscapes highlights his incredible musicianship and interest in experimentation.

“Street Noise’s” uniqueness and originality stems from Tarn PK’s “do it yourself” mentality. His songwriting process is completely independent, involved, and active, from singing his own vocals to playing the instruments on the track. Tarn PK’s songs are a product of solo work and his creativity. Tarn PK states,

“I have written, played everything, nearly, sung, and produced all of my music.

My previous music has traversed pop-funk to pop-folk, but my latest single is a bridge to my mini-album/EP I’ll be releasing over the year, with a mix of alt-pop/hyper pop influences.”

Tarn PK continues to push the boundaries of music by experimenting with different genres, not only within one album, but in individual songs too. Balancing different textures, sounds, and rhythms can be a difficult task to perform, but Tarn PK’s visionary and experimental mind, combined with his musical intuition, allows him to tackle this challenge with ease. Of course, “Street Noise” is no exception.

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