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Robby East’s new single “Like Home” leaves you wanting more (in all the best ways)

Robby East is a 23 year old artist from Amsterdam who is quickly making a name for himself in the House scene. Robby’s latest single, “Like Home”, co-written by John Morgan, Julia Church, Robert Laterveer and William Lansley, is a fresh sound that has all the makings of a classic House anthem. “Like Home” consists of vast soundscapes and precise fluttering synths, a track that sounds as though it is all around you. The dense atmosphere of East’s latest single is a signifier of immense musical prowess when it comes to producing House music.

While the female vocals take center stage in “Like Home”, Robby East continuously makes his presence known. Although not a particularly energized track, it still makes you want to dance. “Like Home” is a fun listen because of how it rises and falls with great intention, fluctuating between hypnotic vocals and intoxicating musical breakdowns. Every time the beat cuts out, rather than waiting for it to come back, the listener sinks into anticipation and is left wanting even more (in all the best ways) once the rhythm returns. 

After a successful 2020, having garnered millions of streams between his impressive catalogue, Robby East is primed for a huge year. If you don’t know the name you soon will as he is set to take the House world by storm. If “Like Home”, his first release of the New Year, is any indication of East’s direction this year, his come-up may be even more rapid than we expect.

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