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ROZES x Paperwings

Philly based ROZES has been an absolute force in the Electronic scene over there last year or so.

Via a distinct tone, top notch top lines and an incredible Pop sensibility, ROZES crafts memorable tunes that time and time again  find themselves in heavy rotation in headphones around the world.  While it may seem she is at the top of her game right now, I am sure ROZES is just beginning.

Recently she graced us with a new single, “Famous”, and it once again showcases her many talents and proves once again that she isn’t going anywhere.  Along with the release, we were gifted with some remixes as well… and Paperwings crushed it.

Originally raised in Boston, now residing in LA, up and coming artist Paperwings has jumped onto the scene and quickly started gaining traction.  While originally falling into my radar about 6 months ago, I was instantly taken back by their bright melody driven Electronic vibes and quality productions.

Through an impressive string of original releases and remixes, Paperwings is set to have a pretty massive 2K18.  Hopping on remix for duties for Rozes, they turn things up and it is everything you hope for in a Paperwings release.  Lacing the single with their own personal touch, they turn it into an uplifting, powerful Future Bass gem.

The highly dynamic remix allows the vocals to shine, but also delivers bright melodies, catchy leads and ripping synth work.  Glitchy elements come in and out, with each instrument perfectly playing off of each other.  With so many people making Future Bass these days, it is still always nice to see people doing it right and still finding a way to bring some originality into the mix.

I’ll have this one in rotation for a while for sure.

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