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Run to the Light with OYO & TEMPLE

It seems London based OYO (Official Youth Order) was sitting on this track for a while before finally being convinced to let it loose – and I’m glad he did.

Driven by an all encompassing love of music, OYO tries to ensure his work connects on a very deep and emotional level with the listeners.  This time he teams up with highly sought after English vocalist TEMPLE, for, “Powerless“.  The euphoric Electronic Pop jam really showcases the ability of both artists, coming together to create a track you will without a doubt be coming back to.  

While TEMPLE dominates vocally – reminiscent of Sia with a bit more edge and less theatrics – OYO delivers a clean and dynamic production that is both intense and passionate – a common theme in his releases.  Lyrically, TEMPLE’S  biographical lyrics tell the stories of her worldly experiences and reflect her unique insights on the world.

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