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Russ Parrish the award winning, Nashville based, singer songwriter is currently hanging his hat in Minnesota, where he moved in 2016. Drawing his influences from mega stars such as Ed Sheeran, Andy Grammer, and Christian Rock band NEEDTOBREATHE. These influences are clearly evident in his beautiful melodies, strong and powerful lyrics and a sound that teeters between what he calls “the journey between faith and doubt”.

Together is a beautifully written harmony of arpeggio guitar styling with smooth, sweet, heart warming vocals and lyrics. A song about coming together, as people, in a time of need cannot be more fitting to the situation that has been arising around the world, over the past few months. The Corona virus pandemic has left a lot of loss and suffering in it’s wake and it stands to reason that many people are out there, currently struggling with their own faith and doubt journeys. Russ’s hopeful tune is a perfect reminder of how MUSIC can remind us to look to our neighbors, for help, when we need it and that we are all in this TOGETHER. We should all be looking for ways to help each other through these trying times and more importantly, doing our part to help fight this heinous virus. Through his new COUNTRY/POP single, Mr. Parrish has created an ear worm song that will help find the best of us, in ourselves and each other!

“I wrote this song with the idea that everything we do affects one another. It’s a song of hope and encouragement that we can fight to find the answer the world needs. I feel like it is relatable and could be a powerful message for the time we’re in right now with COVID-19” says the artist. I, for one, couldn’t agree more with his sentiment and feel like this song is perfect for the times. Please, give it a listen and take heed, for everyone!

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