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SACHI Is Spreading Positivity With Uplifting “Down On Your Luck”

Summer is for vibing out, soaking in the sun, and feeling like your best self. Following up their stunning single “Take Me Back,” SACHI has a song perfect for pulling you out of your winter/quarantine blues. Their new single “Down On Your Luck” is just that and will get you manifesting your biggest dreams through their explosive sound.

The track is a glistening wave of harmonious melodies and a magnetic beat that will lift your spirits and make you want to dance all of your cares away. The production lays down many rhythmic elements that converge together to make it the ideal, dazzling dance track. The vocals soar above it all and overwhelms you with a warmth that makes you feel comforted and reassured. This song will have your soul bursting at the seams and channels some of SACHI’s best work. Of the duo, Nick shares,

“For me, it’s about the power and importance of people at times of vulnerability. Having friends and family around you and being able to confide in them when you get ‘Down On Your Luck;’ the beauty and immense weight that relationships carry, in that sense.”

And Will adds,

“As soon as we wrote the vocal we knew we had to make the production compliment the emotion of it. We wanted to make something that felt emotional yet brought people to the dancefloor too.

New Zealand electronic duo SACHI share the next phase of their musical journey as they continue to experiment and evolve their sound. Following the success of last single “Take Me Back,” and a series of singles released in 2020 including “Enchante” and “You (A La),” SACHI used this moment to announce their forthcoming EP set for a late September 2021 release.

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