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sad face. Drops New ‘Sapien’ EP

Usually when I support an artist, I like to give a bit of background on them – give them a bit more shine, and let readers know a bit more about the person behind the tunes – but sometimes the music is all we have to work with.  For the last several months, mysterious producer sad face. has been hitting our inbox with tune after tune – but seeing how we tend to shy away from mainly instrumental jams, we have held out on sharing – until now.  

Immediately impressed by the producers original flare, it seems that sad face. is on a mission to do whatever the fuck he/she wants – and the music industry as a whole can use some more of that raw, unapologetic bravado.  While we’re pretty sure the person behind the paper bag is a dude, sad face. has chosen to keep their face covered and let the music speak for itself.  Blending elements from damn near every genre you can think of, sad face. is creating beautifully chill, atmospheric, yet totally groovy tunes that infuse both acoustic and electronic textures into impressively arranged bops.  

With a new EP out, sad face. is showing no signs of letting up closing out 2019.  With a sound all his own – an ever-evolving collection of moods and feelings – sad face. continues to impress with his latest 4 track project.  With nearly every tune finding a balance between inspirational/uplifting and subliminally draining/depressing, the always present contrast that sad face. is bringing to the table is hard to ignore.  No matter what you are feeling – sad face. will hit you in the feels.

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