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Sam Tomkins Shines On The Sweet and Soulful “My Brother”

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

From his teen years spent posting heartfelt YouTube covers to becoming a rising singer-songwriter who counts icons like Elton John and Justin Bieber as fans, one thing is for sure, Sam Tomkins is here to stay. Further cementing the 24-year old's place as “one to watch” is his new single “My Brother” from his debut EP, who do you pray to?. His latest song is somewhat of a tearjerker with a heartfelt message that’s sure to resonate. Those familiar with Tompkins know that being authentic isn’t just a selling point for the British artist, it’s his modus operandi.

The song draws from Tompkins experience losing his grandmother at the age of 18 and how his older brother's support during the funeral service had a lasting impact. After later losing his grandfather, he was able to draw from the strength his brother had shown him all those years ago to get through the painful experience of delivering the eulogy at the service. This time I got the whole way through it and I remember getting the text from my brother who watched it through a live stream that I smashed it and I felt so proud because the only way I was able to do it was knowing I was the exact age my brother had stepped up and been brave 5 years prior.”

His new EP marks the next chapter for an artist that’s been exponentially on the rise in recent times. Tompkins' original work continues to amass fans, with his Spotify soaring to 11 million monthly listeners and live shows regularly selling out across Europe. His beloved cover songs also continue to delight listeners across the globe, regularly going viral on TikTok.

Be sure to check out the music video for “My Brother” below (heads up, have those tissues ready) and stream the debut EP from Sam Tompkins, who do you pray to?

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