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Sam Tompkins Hits Once Again with "Lose It All"

Sam Tompkins, the Pop sensation that brought you the chart topping single “Whole”, is set to do it again, dropping a brand new track that is sure to get everyone’s attention. Selling out venues all across the Europe, this 25 year old Brighton based artist has not only been Co-signed by the UK’s megastar Sam Smith but also garnered world wide acclaim from chart topping artist such Drake, Justin Bieber, Nikki Minaj, Shawn Mendez and even Elton John.

After the success of his EP project “Who Do You Pray To?”, Tompkins just released his newest single “Lose it All”. A tender piano melody with beautiful lyrics that truly touch the soul make this my favorite new track. Anyone that’s ever felt like they finally found the “right one” will be able to identify with Sam in the one.

While there’s no denying the depth of his earlier work, “Lose it All” seems to take it us one step deeper into the mind and more importantly the heart of Sam Tompkins. This seems like it be the start of a whole new chapter for an already promising young artist.

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