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Sara Damon Releases Empowering New Tune ‘Strong’

Rising indie pop-singer, Sara Damon delivers a powerful vocal performance in her latest record “Strong.” Not holding back, she dives deep into her own insecurities of being young in love. Sarah tells the true story of one night where her once promising relationship took a turn an unexpected turn.

Opening the record is a soft melancholy grand piano followed by her emotive tone. Climatic progressions occur later in the song as she confesses her struggles with love. Although Sarah is sharing her story, many can relate to the overwhelming fears of being in love, dishing the blame or taking it, or wondering when to keep it or let it go. Her raw emotion speaks for those and reminds them that they are not alone.

Originally writing this record as an apology, the story takes a spin when Sarah later discovers that she was right all along and has learned a valuable lesson in trusting your heart. “Strong is now the message she wants to share with those who loved and lost, be Strong.

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