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Say Goodbye to your Ex with STVN’s new Single- Everything’s Fine

Steven Alexander Chen a.k.a STVN, the Philadelphia based prodigious artist is relatively new to the music scene, however, from listening to him you’d think he’s been here for years. The newcomer effortlessly blends genres of electronic pop and lo-fi music, with hints of jazz and synth to create a mainstream sound that is as unique as it is pleasing to listen to. STVN is no stranger to our little blog here, but guess what folks… he’s back again!

STVN‘s new single, Everything’s Fine is an ode to everyone who has ever had their phone ringing or message dinging, from an ex they didn’t want to hear from. Everyone has been there once or twice… your phone goes off randomly, you look down, your eyes bulge, and your mind races… “what the hell do they want?!“. Then, out of sheer curiosity you answer (again) and go through the same old “how ya been, what ya doing’s” as last time. Not only are the conversations pointless, but they are damaging to the healing process after a break-up.

Well, Everything’s Fine is letting us now how to say, “enough is enough“. With bright lyrics and lo-fi synth tones, blended together and tied up with a Pop/Rock bow, STVN delivers an anthem to help us say goodbye. Everything’s Fine is an upbeat, friendly way of saying “f*ck off” to the EX-special someone. Just a polite danceable way of saying, don’t call, don’t text, no need to ask me how I’m doing because “Everything’s Fine“.

STVN and his new single release Everything’s Fine make the future of mainstream POP look bright. Blending genres and bending necks to the beat, STVN clearly has a lot to offer the music industry and a long, successful career ahead of him.

Listen to more music from STVN, here:

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