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Sean Christopher Continues Album Push with ‘Everything’

As is the case with so many artists, sometimes music is as much a part of life as sleep.  For Netherlands born, Bristol based artist Sean Christopher, music has been there since day one thanks to his father and his flamenco guitar and his mother and her vinyl collection.  It wasn’t too long ago we brought you this tune from him…

Immediately impressed by his touching vocals, quality lyrics and clear musicality, he easily found a new fan.  Seeing the release of his debut project, “Yonder”, in May of this year, Sean Christopher is hard at work pushing the project already finding support in tastemakers like IndieShuffle and StereoFox.

Not only is Sean Christopher a multi-instrumentalist, he also pursued an education in production and engineering, eventually setting up a studio at home where his debut project was created – all centered around his father flamenco guitar.  The second single from the project, “Everything”, is a powerful and emotional tune that sees Sean Christopher blending influences from Folk to Rock into a seamless, dynamic tune.  Smokey, hypnotic sections grab hold before giving way to massive layered instrumentation to drive it all home.  A brilliant arrangement help transform the track from beginning to end, keeping the listener hooked at every turn.

A clear musical mind at heart, Sean Christopher seems to be very deliberate in everything he releases and executed his ideas flawlessly.  While it may be easy to get lost in his lush vocals, the production is just as impressive and each tune deserves at least a second listen to be able to take it all in.  Do yourself a favor and check out, “Yonder”.

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