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serin oh Drops Second Single ‘valenbisi’

The road that has led serin oh to where she is now has been far from direct.  Born in South Korea,  she moved to Ohio with her parents when she was just 6 years old and spent much of her childhood immersed in church where she first discovered her love for Gospel music.  Years down the line, her love of music never faded, eventually landing in esteemed Berklee College of Music, from where she has since graduated and taken to jumpstarting her solo career.

Her latest offering, “valenbisi“, sees the budding artist bring a saucy vibe on top of a smooth, acoustically driven production.  With slick guitar licks, emotive piano melodies and serin oh‘s soaring vocals, all elements come together perfectly to create a captivating, laid back groove.  About how the tune came together, serin oh says, “While studying in Spain last year, I missed a 6AM train from Valencia to Barcelona, the only one I could afford, and as a result, had to crash at my friends’ place in the city. They joked that I could always use Valencia’s popular bike-sharing service Valenbisi to get to Barcelona. One of my friends started playing valenbisi’s two opening chords and I started singing “hop on a valenbisi, come see me”. From there, we birthed this singable R&B Pop tune written by 1 Korean, an American, and a Brit.

Make sure you add this one to your playlists and stay tuned for what’s next.

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