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Sevenn Drop Sugary New Single ‘Lollipop’

Over the last couple of years, LA based brothers Kevin and Sean Brauer, best known by their stage name Sevenn have be an undeniable force in the EDM world.  From landing massive co-producer credits on tracks like Tiesto & Gucci Mane’s, “Boom”, to their ALOK collaboration, “BYOB”, Sevenn have racked up some rather impressive numbers – and rightfully so.

The duo always finds a way to deliver quality production, dance floor friendly grooves, festival ready drops and continue to deliver captivating tunes at every turn.  Most recently they have unleashed a massive new single called, “Lollipop”, on Armada music and it is yet another example of why Sevenn will without a doubt have a long and fruitful career.

The new single finds the perfect balance between danceable rhythm and hair raising production work, bringing just the right amount of bounce and energy to work in nearly any setting.  With minimal vocal samples peppered throughout the track, bass bin rattling subs, fast fire synth melodies and pumping drums all come together to create one of my favorite new dance jams.  This one bangs through and through.  Knock it.

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