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ShiShi Keeps Em Coming

NYC global citizen ShiShi has been non-stop since 2019 kicked off.  Keeping busy creating originals, bootlegs, mixes and official remixes while also posting meditation videos online and building his brand, ShiShi makes sure to keep creating no matter what the outlet may be.  Bringing his special sauce to the EDM world, ShiShi mixes tastes of world music discovered during his upbringing on three continents with dancefloor friendly grooves and all around quality production.For his most recent original, “Mahamudra”, which gets its name from a form of Tibetan meditation that he practices, ShiShi delivered a bumping tune that is equal parts powerful and energetic while simultaneously bringing a peaceful and calming feel.

Hot on the heels of that release, ShiShi was enlisted to bring his special sauce to PXTN’s single, “L2LY”.  With the stunningly commercial R&B leaning vocals from PXTN leading the way, ShiShi is able to build a vibrant and dynamic beat that is as smooth as it is club friendly.  From thumping 808’s to lush keys, intricate string embellishments, pumping drops and sexy bridges, ShiShi flips the track into a transformative and impressive track that keeps the listener guessing at every turn.  With ShiShi’s affinity to make genre bending tracks that pull inspiration from nearly every genre, this new remix is a perfect example of his sound and style.  

With PXTN picking up steam in his own right, the pairing seems like a perfect fit.  Having only launched his career a couple of years ago, PXTN’s impressive vocals and quality songwriting have helped to grow him a devoted fan base while putting him on the radar of tastemakers far and wide.  With both artists cruising in a lane of their own, I have no doubt that PXTN and ShiShi have a lot more up their sleeves.  

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