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SHY MARTIN Stuns Once Again with ‘Feelings’

If SHY Martin isn’t yet on your radar, please step up your game. Over the last several years, the Swedish sensation has been dominating the scene with a never ending stream of undeniable jams that appeal to human emotion on a universal level. Whether se be crafting an upbeat bop or a perfectly executed ballad, SHY Martin has found a way to make every word connect, every melody get stuck in your brain and every song even more impressive than the last. Without a doubt one of my favorite songwriters and one of the most consistent and reliable artists out, I can’t help but get excited every time I see her name pop up in my inbox.

Most recently SHY Martin released, “Feelings“, and she has once again solidified her place amongst the top of my playlists, where I am sure she will stay for a wild. As always, her enchanting vocals, impressive melodies and accessible lyrics lead the way, delivering a shimmering Electro-Pop jam that is perfect for the summer. A bit somber, beautifully emotive with just enough groove to distract your brain from your heart, SHY Martin once again proves that she is a force to be reckoned with.

About the new tune, SHY Martin says, “I was going through some major changes when we wrote ‘Feelings’ and felt extremely lost and exhausted. I wasn’t sure I wanted to release more music, so I stopped writing for myself for a while, but after writing this song I found myself listening to the demo every time I was working out or on my way to the studio. The lyrics were pretty much about what I was going through and had been feeling for a long time.”, SHY Martin says. “It’s about the moment you realize you’re a few words from breaking something that means a lot to you because you’re caught up in feelings”

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