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Singer-Songwriter and Producer Jason Scavone Releases Passionate "Old Friend"

Originally from Charlotte, NC, singer-songwriter Jason Scavone is back with the vulnerable and engaging "Old Friend". Paired with minimalist guitar strums and enchanting vocals, the young artist delivers a nostalgic sound inspired by the feels of his hometown. Intertwined with memories of a dear friend who has since past, "Old Friend" is meant to preserve his friends legacy amidst a quick-to-change society who tends to jump from one event to the next. Mixed by Grammy-winner Tom Schick, Jason's new track tugs at the heartstrings both musically and lyrically. Offering a dose of folk/country influence, "Old Friend" does a great job of embodying what it feels like to visit an old friend.

About Jason: As former frontman and songwriter for The Noises 10, Scavone signed two major label record deals, recorded with and mentored under super-producer Eric Valentine, and performed with such acts as Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell, Derek Trucks Band, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Plain White T's. Jason's music has been featured in film and television spanning from Criminal Minds to Valiant. Jason recorded a duet of his song "My Repair" with Grammy Award winning artist Brandi Carlile which was included on the compilation "I Got You Babe" released by Universal Music Group, and featured artists like Robert Plant, Allison Kraus, Marvin Gaye, and Hall & Oates.

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