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Singer-songwriter Stephen Babcock Gets Nostalgic on “Still Think of You”

Indie-pop crooner, Stephen Babcock has us reminiscing on former flames and past lives with his latest release, the bitter sweet, “Still Think of You”. A natural storyteller, Stephen’s songwriting paints a picture of a bygone relationship that’s so vivid, you’ll feel like you’re in a late 2000s coming of age movie.

Touching on the good and the bad, Stephen shares their memories of nights in hazy smoke-filled bars, kissing in the park, and the moments he realized that his loved one was changing. This reflection has him asking the burning questions, like “why’d you dye your hair?” (we all know, new hair = new life), and wondering why she’s taking photos for “folks who ain’t even there”. It's a time-old tale of young love and watching someone become a new person before your eyes. She might have changed, but he wants her to know that he still thinks of her.

For Stephen, there’s a very personal story behind “Still Think of You”. “The song is about when my first love left Upstate New York and moved to London, leaving me behind”. Whilst there’s always a sting to a relationship gone south, Stephen manages to capture a sweetness to it with his trademark blend of Americana-inspired guitar melodies and pop sensibility.

Hailing from Upstate New York, Stephen Babcock has made a quick name for himself through his charismatic and buoyant storytelling. His knack for sharing life's intimate and defining moments through song, has seen him become a prolific live performer in recent years, with over 80 shows under his belt. Between sharing stages with the likes of pop-heavyweight Ed Sheeran and his new music on the horizon, Stephen is certainly an artist to watch for 2022. Listen to "Still Think of You" on Spotify here or check it out below.

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