• Nicholas Zallo

Sita Unveils Debut EP ‘Escalation’

Originally hailing from New York, talented singer/songwriter Sita Steele (Sita) is no stranger to success.  Before taking a leap to launch her solo career, she spent her time working in the advertising industry, creating songs for television and film.  Now, having relocated to Nashville, Sita has shown no sign of letting up – releasing an impressive number of singles over the last couple of years.

While Sita’s sound is a true blend of influences, she finds herself right at home in the Indie Electro-Pop scene – but she is never afraid to push the boundaries of her sound and create whatever it is that her heart desires.  Having recently unleashed her debut 7-track project, “Escalation”, Sita continues to wow listeners with her delicate yet dynamic vocals and undeniably chill aura.  From beginning to end, her new offering helps to cement Sita as one of the more promising rising talents in Nashville.  

Having racked up a large number of streams while simultaneously landing on the radar of tastemakers around the world, there is no doubt that Sita is connecting with with the masses all while carving a lane of her own.  Do yourself a favor and keep tabs – 2020 should be a big year for the buzzing songstress. 

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