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SMiTHMUSiX Look To Close Out 2018 On A High Note

Hungarian-Dutch songwriting/production duo SMiTHMUSiX are no stranger to RockDafuqOut.  Time and time again we find ourselves impressed not only by their top-notch production and overall vibe, but their ability to craft radio friendly grooves that speak to the masses.

While it may have been a minute since their last feature on the site, it looks like they are back at it in a major way.  Within the last couple of months, the multi-talented duo have released a number of tunes from featured to collaborations.  On, “Had It All”, featuring vocals from Chuck New, SMiTHMUSiX bring a new wave R&B vibe to the track.  While Chuck delivers a stunning and sensual vocal performance, SMiTHMUSiX lays down a smooth, bubbling production centered around fat basses, atmospheric keys funky vocal chops.  Smooth, and sexy with a beautiful mix and an undeniable groove, this one is sure to get you in the mood. 

Adding to the hype and their budding catalog, they have also recently released a new tune titled, “All My Love”, featuring Trinidadian singer/songwriter Annalie Prime.  The Tropical infused Pop tune sees Annalie doing her thing laying down playful, uplifting lyrics while showcasing her ever-unique signature tone.  Beneath the vocals, bright plucks and abounding bass are all that are really needed before building up into an energetic drop carried by a slick synth lead.  A feel good tune for your morning commute, this is an all out jam that will have you hooked after one listen.

On top of their personal singles, SMiTHMUSiX have also been stacking up their credits behind the scenes, producing for some of the most excited artists in the game.  Most recently, they have added their personal touch to the new release from Clinton Sparks and Marc E. Bassy.  On, “Think About You”, SMiTHMUSiX delivers a lush production that perfectly compliments the vocals.  Rich keys, and bouncing synth melodies carry the verses, keeping things mellow before finally giving way to a Future Bass inspired stop laden with think synth stabs and a bendy lead melody.  

2018 has been a big year for SMiTHMUSiX so far and they seem to be ready to make sure they leave their mark through the end of the year.  With production as clean and dynamic as theirs, I have no doubt you will be hearing much more from SMiTHMUSiX – whether it be in the credits or straight from the source.  Keep an eye on these cats.

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