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SMiTHMUSiX Look To Close Out 2018 On A High Note

Hungarian-Dutch songwriting/production duo SMiTHMUSiX are no stranger to RockDafuqOut.  Time and time again we find ourselves impressed not only by their top-notch production and overall vibe, but their ability to craft radio friendly grooves that speak to the masses.

While it may have been a minute since their last feature on the site, it looks like they are back at it in a major way.  Within the last couple of months, the multi-talented duo have released a number of tunes from featured to collaborations.  On, “Had It All”, featuring vocals from Chuck New, SMiTHMUSiX bring a new wave R&B vibe to the track.  While Chuck delivers a stunning and sensual vocal performance, SMiTHMUSiX lays down a smooth, bubbling production centered around fat basses, atmospheric keys funky vocal chops.  Smooth, and sexy with a beautiful mix and an undeniable groove, this one is sure to get you in the mood. 

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