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SMiTHMUSiX Team Up with Mike Jones to Flip 2007 Hit ‘Back Then’ Into 2019 Bomb

Over the last couple of years, Hungarian production/songwriting duo SMiTHMUSiX have become regulars on RockDafuqOut.  Always impressed by their production prowess and mainstream appeal, SMiTHMUSiX continue to unleash top notch originals while also maintaining a busy schedule behind the scenes producing and writing for other artists – steadily racking up credits for some of the biggest stars of the day.

Most recently SMiTHMUSiX have teamed up with Mike Jones to bring an update to his massive 2007 hit, “Back Then”.  With Mike Jones delivering re-recorded vocals, SMiTHMUSiX update the tune for 2019 to deliver a moody, club friendly, hard-hitting jam.  Picking up the tempo a bit, working in some thumping 808’s and peppering in some haunting synths, SMiTHMUSiX transform the already massive tune into an undeniable Hip Hop smash.  

While Mike Jones has been back at work releasing some new tunes, the official remix of, “Back Then”, helps to breathe some new life into his stand out single while also introducing it to a whole new group of young music lovers.  While Mike Jones’ signature drawl and swag remain the same SMiTHMUSiX bring their own signature flavor to the track.  If you were a fan of the original, I have no doubt you’re going to want to slap this one.  Check it out.  

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