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Social Beingz Make Debut with ‘All Cried Out’ [VIDEO]

I’ve been sitting on this debut for a minute, but today I am hyped to introduce you to cross-continual duo, Social Beingz.

Born in Florida, raised in Connecticut and now living in Manchester, Ryan Louis Griggs first met Josh Green when he left the US and settled in the UK.  Finding a mutual love for Urban-Pop music and pulling inspiration from the likes of Craig David, Macklemore, Drake, Jon Bellion and Twenty-one PilotsSocial Beingz was formed…their collective love for N-Sync, One Direction and Justin Bieber was just an added bonus.

Now with the release of their debut single & video, “All Cried Out”,  Social Beingz put it all on the line with every lyric and melody.  Enlisting vocalist Tessa E to add another layer to the fold, the tune brings just about everything you would want vocally.  Stellar toplines, a bit of a duet and a little Hip Hop edge soar on top of a bright and melodic production.  The UK influence is easy to spot with a bit of a two step groove that comes in and out.

Accessible lyrics, a danceable groove and memorable melodies all come together to help Social Beingz jump on to the scene in proper fashion.  With promises of an EP to drop before the end of the year – I’m more than excited to hear what’s next.

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