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Sophia Gripari releases explosive new track ‘Think’

Sophia Gripari impresses with the electronic based pop sound, upbeat tempos and R&B influenced melodies in her latest releases. Her music has refreshing synth sounds and pop/dance influenced drum beats which display her innovative approach to an impressive sound design.

After her debut album release, Sophia discovered her love for electronic music and has ever since incorporated electronic production and live instrumentation into her performances. At the moment she is working on producing her own music as well as collaborating with other producers and writers for future releases.

Her latest release ‘Think’ excites with Dua Lipa bordering melodies and its astonishing electric production. With this track, Sophia has proved her reputation as powerhouse songwriter once again. Painting a cautionary tale that has a playful twist, she gives the listener a waring to think before jumping into a relationship with someone. Overall, the track carries a certain confidence within its lyrics and makes us keep an eye out for what Sophia has ready to release in the future.

LA based artist Sophia Gripari grew up playing various instruments and has developed her musical foundation at an early age. As a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, her main focus lies on her voice, songwriter and playing the guitar as well as amplifying her digital instrument skills. Born in London, young Sophia was introduced to the London music scene early on and has previously showcased her music playing some of the iconic music venues such as the Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

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