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Sophie Simmons Stuns with ‘Black Mirror’ [VIDEO]

If you are not familiar with Sophie Simmons… you may know her father… Gene?  If not, you’re way out of the loop.

Growing up the child of a superstar, it is often hard to establish yourself in your own right – separating yourself from your legacy and craving your own path.  All I can say is, if Sophie Simmons keeps delivering tunes like this people will soon be saying calling Gene, “Sophie’s Dad”.

Her latest tune, “Black Mirror”, is an absolutely perfectly executed and undeniable Pop smash.  While I’m sure there is a major machine behind the process, the star of the show is still without a doubt Sophie.  Concise and emotional vocals couple with playful, sexy yet dark lyrics that touch the listener deep.  This is a tune for anyone who has been through a tough relationship (which 99% are).  This song is direct and holds no bars, but also leaves enough open ended ness for interpretation from person to person.

The production alone is top notch.  A perfect blend of subtle guitar rhythms, layered, perfectly placed vocoded vocals, big hits and snappy drums.  The blend of Pop, Trap and Electronica is perfect – only adding to the tunes overall appeal.

Just to make sure they drive it all home, the new tune is accompanied by a video that not shows Sophie Simmons in an almost possessed state, accented by glitchy effects, Tripp’s lighting effects and smart editing.  The performance from Sophie is both sexy and haunting, perfectly set to match the vibe of the tune.  Watch for yourself.

All I can say is this jam has been in heavy rotation for me.  Hell, my wife even likes it… this is one tune I don’t get yelled at for while cruising in the car dominating the aux.

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