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Soul Revival Bring the 90’s R&B Feels on ‘Chocolate Love’

God damn is this smooth.

Kansas City based duo Soul Revival, just hit me all in the feels with their new single, “Chocolate Love”.  You know all those memes about 90’s R&B vibes?  This tune brings you right back in time while also making sure to still fit in for 2018.

The two members Desmond “D. Professor” (producer) and DerickPierre (singer/songwriter) feel right at home here.  Go ahead and name your favorite 90’s R&B group….. Soul Revival can keep up with any of them.  Through sensual lyrics, ridiculous harmonies, a sexy, soulful delivery and a smooth af production, this tune is everything you want from something in this lane.  Perfectly executed and for sure worth some attention.

Jazzy, dreamy vibes on the production lay the perfect bed for the vocals.  Tickled keys, rolling basslines and some drums are all really need here to allow the vocals to shine – which they do from beginning to end.

While this is the first single since the release of their debut EP, “Back to Love”, I can’t help but think they have a lot more up their sleeves.

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