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Southcourt Debuts with "Peripheral"

Southcourt, formerly known as the beloved "90's Kids," emerges from the cocoon of evolution with their debut single "Peripheral," marking the inception of a thrilling new chapter in their musical journey. Having amassed over 12 million streams on Spotify and supported major acts like Bastille, the quartet—comprising Corey Mouch, Matt King, Jordan McVey, and Robby MacAskill—propel themselves into uncharted territory under the moniker of Southcourt.

"Peripheral" serves as the inaugural offering from this reimagined entity, embodying a fusion of alternative rock influences intertwined with the group's inherent pop sensibilities. It's a sonic voyage that encapsulates the essence of their evolution, enticing listeners with its infectious melodies and introspective lyrics.

Corey Mouch, the band's lead vocalist, expresses palpable excitement for this new phase, emphasizing the band's eagerness to explore fresh creative avenues while retaining the fervor that defined their previous incarnation. "Peripheral" serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the boundless potential of Southcourt, promising an exhilarating odyssey for both the band and their dedicated fanbase.

For enthusiasts of their previous work as "90's Kids," Southcourt offers a seamless transition, infusing their trademark passion and energy into a revitalized sonic landscape. With "Peripheral," they invite audiences to join them on a journey of self-discovery and artistic reinvention, forging a path that is uniquely their own. As they bid farewell to one era and embrace the dawn of another, Southcourt stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, armed with unwavering dedication and a newfound sense of creative liberation. With "Peripheral," they beckon us to embark on this thrilling voyage together, promising an exhilarating ride into uncharted musical territory.

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