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Southern Up & Comer Deadstar Releases “Tesla (Game Over)”

After releasing two different projects at the tail end of 2018, Hedonism & Thank You, southern-based producer and crooner Deadstar is gearing up to drop some more heat.

He’s already released two new singles, Frank Ocean (You Know This) and One Minute, over the past couple of weeks. His latest offering, Tesla (Game Over) is just as catchy & silky smooth.

This self-produced banger welcomes the listener with chilly synth notes, closely followed up by autotune-laden vocalization from the man himself. Through the course of the track he seems to be mourning the end of love, and hints as to what caused this end with a simple thought:

“I know you wish I was sober.”

He dives further into introspection, discussing the extent of his lifestyle and the escapism he employs on a regular basis. The Tesla, in this sense, is a vehicle away from himself.

This idea is further exemplified by the cover, which is a simple photo of someone running away. What they’re running away from is unclear, but, like Deadstar, they’re running fast.

As he tells it, “I placed it towards the end of the album because it’s an emotional breakdown. I started slurring my words, I start sounding like I’m almost crying toward the beginning of the track. It’s a very emotional experience.”

“The full album will be out sometime in early March. It’s gonna be called Have a Nice Trip.”

“Then in April, which is my birthday month, I’m going to drop the conclusion to the trilogy that started my career, the I Wear Pink series. I’m dropping I Wear Pink III, but I think instead of making it an album where I rap I’m just gonna make it an instrumental project. I think that would be really nice cause I started out making beats.”

You can stream Tesla (Game Over) here. Also, make check out the other two singles, Frank Ocean (You Know This) and One Minute, and follow him on Soundcloud & Spotify.

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