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Stop. Seriously. Stop what you’re doing. La Fine Equipe and Fakear ‘5th Season’

Okay, y’all, so for their new track, “5th Season“, La Fine Equipe and Fakear take a journey to the center of their brain gardens and harvest some dope ass fruits.  This instrumental track is the aural equivalent of walking through the rain while being serenaded by some funky high priests on a mission for your dance moves!

Starting out on a slightly familiar note with a chopped sample slowly creeping in over a little piano, it would be easy to mistake this track for a Top40 banger if only some major label darling were vibing on top of it.  After about 20 seconds of setting the mood we start to get to the real meat and potatoes of the track: a marimba and some nice vocal samples and eventually some horn stabs.

The urge to dance is strong so try to contain yourselves! After a brief, beautiful break we enter into some groovy waters as the beat finally comes in and hits you with the movement you’ve been craving the whole song.  La Fine Equipe and Fakear do a great job at avoiding ear fatigue with the constantly evolving scenes and effect/volume automations that make everything just feel so alive.

Do yourself a favor, listen to this song one or two million times and call me in the morning.  Or don’t, we’re not friends.

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