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Summer Reggae Vibes with Spragga Benz | Bakermat | Era Istrefi

While I usually tend to give individual tunes their own posts, sometimes I get submissions that can work together – and it seems Reggae is a hot topic for the summer.  While each of the following tunes are well in their own lane, the Reggae influence is clear in each of them.  Bright, rhythmic grooves and saucy vocals – what’s not to love?

Spragga Benz was first to drop his latest tune in my inbox, and the authenticity that oozes from every note was impossible for me to ignore.  On “Spread Out”, Spragga Benz teams up with Hype and Fever to bring a club ready Dancehall bomb.  Through his heavy accent, Spragga Benz dominates the track while London based Cold Fever delivers on the production.  The minimal, percussive production brings a fresh island vibe accentuated by bending synth leads.

Kingston based Spragga Benz is one of the most acclaimed artists in the scene right now and this serves as the lead single from his forthcoming album, “Chiliagon”.  Delivered along with an official video, the overall vibe delivered here is undeniable.  Catch the flava.

Keeping things in the club – we have the new joint, “Lion”, from Bakermat.  First jumping into the spotlight in 2012 with the release of his debut single, “One Day (Vandaag)”, the Amsterdam based artist found a niche creating music that was neither mainstream or underground – creating music for all of the people in between.

With a fast rise and sudden thrust into the spotlight, Bakermat has pretty much spent the time since, on tour building a loyal worldwide fan base.  Caught up in life on the road, Bakermat decided to take a break to get back in the studio and once again find inspiration.  He says, “Because of my busy touring schedule and life these past years I’ve been busier thinking about music than actually writing and producing new music. I want to go back to the feeling that motivated me to make music in the first place. I want to experiment endlessly, love every second in the studio and make music that isn’t out there yet. Creating fresh, original, innovative music demands rest, time and experiment. And that’s exactly what I will be aiming for.

Now back and feeling more inspired than ever, he has recently released the two-track, “Do Your Thing EP”, with lead single, “Lion” and follow up, “Do Your Thing.  Worldly influences combine with classic House grooves and all around stellar vibes to deliver a beautiful welcome back project for Bakermat!  “Do Your Thing and Lion are a product of experimentation, time and pure unfiltered fun. I wanted to go back to the roots, and take my time to produce music that’s fresh, isn’t out there yet and diverse. The tracks are not particularly mainstream, but also not underground. It’s for people that want to hear something new and interesting, but still want it to have a feel-good vibe to it.

Lastly, bringing unexpected Reggae vibes is the “Eastern European Rihanna”, Era Istrefi.  The daughter of Suzana Tahirsylaj, a well known Albanian singer in the 80s and 90s, music is in Era’s blood. She’s rapidly built an impressive, global following with her signature sound, first grabbing the worlds attention with the release of, “Bon Bon”.  Having already racked up hundreds of millions of streams across platforms, Era Istrefi is showing no signs of letting up – having just been featured on the official World Cup anthem alongside Nicky Jam and Will Smith and produced by Diplo.

Now with her latest single, “Prisoner”, Era brings a fresh vibe for the summer.  About the tracks influence she says, “I grew up listening to reggae records, so when I heard a demo of ‘Prisoner’ written by Emily Warren and Scott Harris I felt the songs is so relatable to me, with just incredible melodies and lyrics I identify with, it’s got emotional levels that take me to both happy and melancholy place, whilst being authentically reggae, which I love.

The smooth and authentic jam is performed and delivered with the style and energy of a well versed Reggae veteran while also bringing Era’s personally Pop touch to the record.  This is a tune.

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