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Sure Sure is at it Again

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we brought you this little diddy.

Well, it seems Sure Sure is back again, this time with, “Koreatown“, and I hope they keep the tunes coming.

The LA based 4-piece is slowly but surely hooking me with their memorable, rocking, enthralling jams.  Coming in a bit heavier on this release, “Koreatown“, begins with a bit of a Billy Joel feel relying on thumping piano and some supporting bass and drums before building up into a massive change and breaking down into full onslaught of instrumental goodness. 

The tune ends with an all out jam.  As much as I love the song recorded, this has to be great live… so if you’re in the LA area and have the chance to check them out, let me know how this one goes over.

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