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Synes Hits The Billboard Charts With ‘Something’s Got To Give’

Hailing from Jersey City, Synes has recently teamed up with an all-star cast for his latest single, “Something’s Got To Give“.  Written by Oba Frank Lords, Michael M, Synes and Giuseppe D. and produced by Synes and Giuseppe D., the new tune features a groovy synthetic bassline, introspective lyrics and a club ready vibe that has helped to carry it up the Billboard Dance Chart to #38.

Born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, Andrew Deitch (Synes) has spent nearly his whole life surrounded by music.  Over the years he has tried his hand at many aspects of the music business, from dancing to singing to playing piano and writing songs.  First introduced to Electronic music when he found his older brothers Prodigy album, he quickly found a new obsession and has since worked hard to develop his sounds not only as a performer, but as a producer and DJ as well.

While Synes has spent years working with other projects under different names, the new persona feels like his most authentic and he promises to have a lot more up his sleeve.  With, “Something’s Got To Give“, serving as the second single from his forthcoming EP, “7“, due out on Gonna Be Music, the new project is shaping up to be some of his best work to date.

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