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T.Matthias Flips Franky’s Debut Smash Into Summer Ready Club Banger

While I may have been sitting on this one for a minute, it has been a go to in my personal playlists since it first landed in my inbox.  The debut single from breakout Yorkshire based Pop artist Franky, “All of the Boys”, has recently received a remix from T.Matthias, helping to convert it into a grooving, deep and dance floor friendly bomb.  

While Franky delivers her signature attitude laced vocals, wrapped up in impressive toplines, and featuring an unforgettable hook that you can’t help but sing along to, T.Matthias brings fat, rounded basslines, a slick arrangement and impressive drum programming – creating a dynamic and hard hitting tune that I personally can’t get enough of.  

About the tune, Franky says, “It’s about girls going out to have a good time, and fooling the boys that only have one thing on their mind. Girls can see those kind of people a mile off.”  While the original has already picked up some major steam and has helped cement Franky as an artist to watch right out of the gate, the new remix opens the track up to a whole new audience of club goers – ensuring it will be making some major waves through summer 19.  

If you are into Pop leaning, shuffle ready summertime vibes – this is one for you.  Thank me later. 

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