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Tae Brooks Shares A Reminder We All Need with ‘Don’t Overthink It’ [VIDEO]

Initially growing his buzz via social media and YouTube, 20 year old Cincinnati born Tae Brooks has already had plenty of success for someone his age.

Now living in LA, Tae Brooks is setting out to show his fans and the world alike that he is capable of moving past his Disney-esque persona and music to release memorable and mature music for the masses.  After releasing his latest single, “Don’t Overthink It”, earlier this month, he is back once again with the official video.  Filmed at the famed Santa Monica Pier, the video is beautifully shot and is all that is really needed to give you a better glimpse into who Tae Brooks is an artist.

The fourth single he has dropped in the last 12 months, the latest tune is a sexy and emotional Future Bass infused Pop/R&B jam.  With Tae dominating on vocals, the production is perfectly crafted to support.  Moody and vibrant, the track relies on bright synths, deep pads and percolating percussion to bring a fresh and clean dynamic to the track.  

The vocals here are for sure the star of the track.  With great control, an impressive range and some absolutely beautiful, well timed harmonies, Tae Brooks flexes his abilities in a fresh and confident way.

While I may not be familiar with his previous works, this new one will have me paying attention going forward for sure.

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